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Data Brokers Incogni covers

As of this moment, with Incogni, you can remove your personal data from 159+ data brokers. This list is continuously changing. We are planning to increase this number in the future!

*Data sensitivity

We calculate data sensitivity based on the types of information data brokers collect. For example, health and financial data have higher associated risks than demographic data or technical identifiers. According to our data sensitivity scale, scores of 1 – 3 are considered relatively low risk, 4 – 6 medium, and 7 – 10 high. 


Marketing data brokers
Collect and/or sell information about your browsing habits, past purchases, and interests. They are responsible for “personalized marketing” as well as most of the surprisingly relevant online ads you see.

Recruitment data brokers
Compile and use personal information to offer background screening services to HR officers.

Risk mitigation brokers
Collect and/or sell a variety of background, criminal, property, and other information to provide assessment reports to various investment and business companies.

People search sites
Almost an open book/resource, usually available for free to find extensive profiles, contact details, and background information about anyone.

Financial information brokers
Collect various personal finance and background information for credit companies or banks to build your credit score which may even influence your eligibility to get a loan.

Health information data brokers
Collect information about your general health and/or sell it to companies in the healthcare field. This information can be used to target you with health product ads and even set your insurance rates.

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