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Corelogic Opt Out & Remove Your Info

CoreLogic is one of those data brokers that works out of sight of consumers, collecting, analyzing, and dealing in your personal data on a business-to-business basis. You likely won’t even be able to find out if they have your data, though.

If you have reason to believe that they do, you can at least opt out of CoreLogic’s prescreen lists, getting your name and address out of the hands of creditors and insurers that want to send you unsolicited offers. The bad news is that CoreLogic only accepts mailed-in opt-out requests. Our guide will help you make this drawn-out opt-out process as smooth and painless as possible. But, this is the kind of data broker you should only approach if you’re sure it has your data and you need to have it removed. Otherwise, you risk giving them sensitive information they didn’t already have.

To get your personal information off hundreds of other data brokers’ databases without lifting a finger, try Incogni’s automated data removal service.

Opt-out process:  15 – 60 minutes

Removal Requirements: Printer, Postage stamps

Updated: September 26, 2022

How to opt out of CoreLogic and remove your info?

In short:

  1. Download and print the CoreLogic opt-out form
  2. Enter your first, middle, and last name, your current address, your previous address (if you’ve moved in the past six months), and your date of birth. Sign and date the form.
  3. Mail in the completed form to CoreLogic Teletrack

Keep reading for the full opt-out procedure with screenshots and opt-out form.

Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s easy for data brokers to find and sell your most sensitive information. Taking your data off the market should be just as easy! For just $6.49 per month, Incogni sends out hundreds of recurring opt-out requests*.

Don’t waste any more time opting out one by one. Let us deal with data brokers, so you don’t have to!

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* See the full list of data brokers Incogni covers here.

Step-by-step Corelogic opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Download and print the CoreLogic opt-out form

    Download the Permanent Opt-Out Election Form. Print out the form to fill it in by hand or use something like LibreOffice Draw to fill in the form before printing.

  2. Enter your first, middle, and last name, your current address, your previous address (if you’ve moved in the past six months), and your date of birth. Sign and date the form.

    We do not recommend providing your Social Security number to data brokers like CoreLogic. Your data removal request might be rejected without an SSN, but the risk of sharing it is just too great.

  3. Mail in the completed form to CoreLogic Teletrack

    Mail the completed form to:

    CoreLogic Teletrack
    Opt-Out Request
    P.O. Box 509124
    San Diego, CA 92150

    TIP: Send in your opt-out request via USPS Registered Mail. It’s slower and more expensive, but it’ll allow you to prove that CoreLogic Teletrack received your form.

4. Continue your data removal journey

Your data removal journey might be off to a rocky start with CoreLogic letting you opt out of only its prescreen lists, but it (mostly) gets easier from here. Hundreds of other data brokers could have your personal data—the people search sites that show up when you search for yourself are just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out our detailed guides for opting out of some of the largest data brokers in the industry. Each one has a different procedure you’ll have to follow. Most are quicker and easier than CoreLogic’s, but some are even worse.

Check out our other free opt-out guides or start from these:

Or consider grabbing a subscription to an automated data removal service like Incogni. We’ll handle the whole process for you, from generating a list of data brokers to dealing with any interactions they’d otherwise try to draw you into. It’s truly a set and forget solution.

Take your data off PSS and hundreds* of other data brokers with Incogni

Your data is worth more than oil in the digital age and data brokers are making bank at your expense.

Subscribe to Incogni for just $6.49 per month and get: 

  • A fully automated data removal service
  • Recurring removal from 149+ data brokers
  • Regular progress reports

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* See the full list of data brokers Incogni covers here.

Alternative CoreLogic opt-out methods

To opt out permanently

CoreLogic only accepts permanent opt-out requests via mail, but you don’t have to use the Permanent Opt-Out Election Form. You can mail a written request to:

CoreLogic Teletrack

Opt-Out Request

P.O. Box 509124

San Diego, CA 92150

Include a statement in which you request permanent removal from CoreLogic Teletrack’s prescreen lists. You can use a shortened version of the statement from CoreLogic’s opt-out form:

“By signing below, I hereby confirm my request to permanently remove my name from the lists that CoreLogic Teletrack, LLC provides to businesses that send offers of credit or insurance.”

Also include the following:

  • Your first, middle, and last name (include Jr, Sr, III, etc.)
  • Your current address
  • Your previous address (if you have moved in the past 6 months)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your signature
  • The data or writing

To opt out for five years only

You can opt out over the phone, but going this route will only remove you from CoreLogic’s prescreen lists for five years (starting five business days after you make your opt-out request). To temporarily opt out, call CoreLogic on 1-877-309-5226.


What is CoreLogic?

According to the CoreLogic website, CoreLogic “unlocks value for the entire property ecosystem by empowering agents, lenders, carriers, and innovators with integrated solutions that optimize and elevate how they serve their end-customers.” So, what does CoreLogic actually do?

CoreLogic is a merged credit report provider that focuses on the mortgage industry by providing credit reports to mortgage lenders. It boasts being able to draw on 5.5+ billion property records spanning 50+ years and sourcing and updating 1+ billion property records annually.

CoreLogic will also add your name and address to so-called prescreen lists that allow creditors and insurers to send you unsolicited offers.

This is just some of the information CoreLogic shares with other businesses:

Property ownership records
Property valuations
Home loan obligation records
Property legal filings
Tax payment status
Rental applications
Collection accounts
Consumer bankruptcies
Child support obligations

How long does it take CoreLogic to process my opt-out request?

CoreLogic doesn’t commit to a timescale when it comes to permanently opting out of its prescreen lists. It does start counting the five-year temporary opt-out period from five business days after receiving your opt-out request, though.

So, contact CoreLogic Teletrack on 1-877-309-5226 if you receive unsolicited credit or insurance offers a week or more after opting out of CoreLogic. The offers you receive may come from companies that use prescreen lists from a different provider.

What else can I do to keep track of what CoreLogic does with my information?

CoreLogic claims partial exemption from the CCPA, so even California residents might have trouble getting insight into what information the company has on them. CoreLogic is obliged to provide one credit report to each person annually, though.

So you can request a free credit report on yourself once a year to keep track of what personal data CoreLogic has on you. Call CoreLogic Teletrack on (877) 309-5226 to get a copy of your report.

Complete a consumer request form if you believe any of the information in your report to be incomplete or inaccurate. Send the completed form to:

CoreLogic Teletrack
P.O. Box 509124
San Diego, CA 92150
Attention: Consumer Disputes Department

How does CoreLogic get my data?

CoreLogic crawls and scrapes 5.5+ billion property records spanning 50+ years as well as other public records to get your data. You can get some of these public records suppressed, but most are there to stay.

Data brokers like CoreLogic are often tight-lipped about exactly how they source your data. Most get at least some of your data from public sources, but many draw upon private databases they get from other data brokers.

We recommend opting out of as many data brokers as possible to protect your data privacy. This may also weaken CoreLogic’s ability to profile you.

Can CoreLogic add my information again, even after they approve my opt-out request?

It’s possible that CoreLogic could add your information again after you successfully opt out. Given the nature of the information they have on you (including your Social Security number), this is unlikely, but it can happen with any data broker.

The chances of being re-added to CoreLogic’s prescreen lists go up when you change your name or address. You can submit an opt-out request once a year—we recommend doing so to ensure your data stays off their lists.

Does CoreLogic have the right to use my data?

CoreLogic does have the legal right to use your data. It claims to be partially exempt from the CCPA, but that means it’s still at least partially bound by this and similar laws. Privacy protection laws like this give you the right to opt out of the data collection and trading practices of companies like CoreLogic.

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