How to find accounts linked to phone number

As there is no master list of phone-email pairs, looking for accounts linked to your phone number may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. To do that, you’ll have to go through all the accounts you ever subscribed to and check if your number is there. 

In this guide, we explain how to find your number across the most commonly used online accounts and apps and how to find all the accounts where your number could be stored.

How to find accounts linked to phone number?

In short:

  • Find all accounts linked to your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook)
  • Find all accounts created with social sign-ins (from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Search your inbox by specific search terms discover even more accounts
  • Use a search engine like Google to search for your phone number or email address
  • Check your password manager to find more accounts
  • Go through all the apps on your phone

Find all accounts linked to your email account

While your mobile number is usually optional, you have to provide your email address for most accounts you will ever create. If you want to find all accounts linked to your phone number, it’s best to start the search with your mailbox.

Find all your accounts in Google account settings

Google is the most widely used platform on the internet, serving billions of users worldwide. If you currently have or used to have a Google account in the past, chances are it’s still linked to your phone number or other online accounts. 

Follow these steps to find accounts linked to your Google profile:

  1. Go to your Google Account Settings.
  2. Click on “security” in the left menu.
  3. Scroll down to “connected third-party applications and services.”
  4. Click on “see all connections.”
  5. Review the list of websites.
  6. Manage access for each website by clicking on the logo.

How to find accounts linked to your Yahoo mailbox

The procedure is similar if Yahoo is your email provider. You can browse through all the accounts linked to your email by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile icon to access your account information.
  2. Click on “manage app and website connections.”
  3. You will see your recent app activity, including all linked accounts.
  4. To revoke permissions, click “remove” next to the specific app or website.

How to find accounts linked to your Hotmail or Outlook

To find accounts linked to your Outlook account (previously Hotmail), you must access third-party permissions via Microsoft, which owns Outlook. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your account page for Outlook or Hotmail.
  2. Click on the “privacy” tab to access “privacy settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “more privacy settings.”
  4. Under “apps and services,” click on “view app access details.”
  5. Review the list of websites and apps with access and revoke permissions if necessary.
  6. To revoke access, click “edit” next to the app’s name and select “remove these permissions.”

How to find accounts created with social sign-ins

Increasingly, some websites offer social media profiles as a sign-in option when signing up for a new account. Follow these simple steps to find out if you have ever registered anywhere with your social media profile.

How to find accounts you created with Facebook

On Facebook, go to the menu and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “setting and privacy.”
  2. Select “settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “apps and websites” (under the “your information” section).
  4. You will see all apps and websites you’ve connected to using Facebook.
  5. Make sure to “view removed apps and websites as well.

How to find accounts associated with Twitter

On the Twitter or X platform, access “settings and support” and then

  1. Select “settings and privacy.”
  2. Go to “security and account access.”
  3. Select “apps and sessions.”
  4. Tap “connected apps to see apps connected with Twitter and remove access.
  5. Go back to “security and account access” and select “connected accounts” to see the social accounts you connected to your X or Twitter account.

How to find social sign-ins on Instagram

To find connected applications and websites on Instagram, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu.
  3. Select “settings and privacy” at the top of the menu.
  4. Scroll down to “website permissions.”
  5. Tap on “apps and websites.”

Here, you will find a list of apps and websites authorized to access your Instagram account using social sign-ins. 

How to find accounts linked to LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, navigate to your account “settings” and go to the “data privacy” section. Select “permitted services to see websites or services you have granted access to your LinkedIn data.

How to find more accounts linked to your number

Finding accounts linked to your phone could take more effort than logging into a few social media profiles. You’ve likely created hundreds of accounts in online shops, subscription services, and when applying for jobs, so you may only remember some of them. The tips below should help you find the rest.

Search your inbox

Searching your mailbox can help you find forgotten accounts linked to your email. By looking through your inbox, you can locate account verification emails, order confirmations, booking confirmations, feedback, and cancellation emails sent to you in the past. These emails often have distinct subject lines, making them easily identifiable. Some examples below:

  • Thank you for your order / purchase!
  • Your order is on its way!
  • You’re booked; here’s the confirmation.
  • Time to pack your bags!
  • Let’s get you started!
  • Welcome! Your registration details are here.
  • Thank you for signing up!
  • Welcome to the [COMPANY NAME] newsletter!
  • Ready to start? Please confirm here.
  • We received your message!
  • Thank you for contacting [COMPANY NAME].
  • We’re sad to see you go.
  • Confirm your cancellation request.
  • We will miss you!
  • Please verify your email address.
  • Please verify your account.

Use a search engine

Using the search bar on Google or other search engines can be an invaluable tool for locating accounts you created in the past. Try entering your username, email address, or any other relevant keyword associated with these accounts.

Check your password manager

A password manager acts as a centralized repository, ensuring all your login information is organized and easily accessible. Whether it’s a social media platform, an online shopping account, or any other website, your password manager can efficiently remind you of accounts linked to your phone number.

Finding clues in your browser

By checking your browser history and browser’s saved accounts, you can easily access all the websites you have visited and the accounts you have created. Additionally, browsers store favorites, bookmarks, and other traces of past activity.

Go through all the apps on your phone

Most apps require account registration, and browsing through your list of installed apps can jog your memory about the platforms you’ve signed up for in the past. Moreover, you can also check the apps you no longer use or see by managing your previously downloaded apps.

Think twice before sharing anything online

Managing the permissions of your online accounts is crucial in maintaining control over your digital presence. Oversharing data can lead to spam and potential fraud. In fact, this is true when it comes to any data related to your identity. Being mindful of what you share online is the best way to safeguard your personal information and ensure it stays in your hands. 


How do I find all emails associated with a phone number?

To find all emails associated with a phone number, you can use online search engines, social media platforms, and email lookup tools to gather information from public sources. Additionally, you can reach out to the phone’s service provider and inquire about any associated email accounts.

How do I find my Gmail account by mobile number?

Open the app or visit the Gmail website to find your Gmail account using your mobile number. Next, click on the “need help?” link and select the option “forgot email.” Enter your mobile number and follow the prompts to recover your Gmail account. 

How many Gmail accounts can be linked to one phone number?

Multiple Gmail accounts can be linked to a single phone number. Gmail allows users to associate multiple accounts with the same phone number for various purposes, such as personal and professional use or managing different email addresses efficiently.

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