Incogni Takes the Fight Against Data Brokers to the Next Level with People Search Site Removals 

Getting your personal information off data broker databases can be hard, we know. There are hundreds of data brokers in the US alone, falling under five main categories. And each one has its own opt-out process and requirements. 

Understandably, navigating these processes can be overwhelming and time-consuming for individuals. That’s where data removal services come in. And while there are several such services currently on the market, most cover one or only a few data broker types at best. 

That’s why Incogni is proud to announce the launch of its latest feature: the removal of personal information from people search sites. With this new service, Incogni offers one of the most comprehensive personal information removal services, covering all broker types including marketing, recruitment, financial information, risk mitigation, and now people search sites.

People search sites, also known as people finder sites, are a common type of data broker that collect and sell some of the most personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and family members’ details. These sites claim that their main goal is to connect people who have lost touch with one another. But that isn’t the only way they can be (and are) used. 

“The fact that people search sites include ‘dos and don’ts’ pages making users agree not to ‘stalk or harass another person’ or ‘commit identity theft’ speaks volumes,” Darius Belejevas, head of Incogni, warns. “You don’t want your personal information sitting up on these sites with only a “please don’t” keeping scammers, stalkers, and cybercriminals at bay.”

While most data brokers provide an opt-out option, it’s not as easy to remove your personal information as that might make it sound. They use complicated opt-out procedures and make people pass through a number of different checks in an effort to hold on to their valuable data. In fact, our researchers estimate that it would take an average person 304 hours to manually complete all the individual data removal requests needed to secure their privacy. 

Incogni’s mission is to empower individuals to take control of their personal information by making it easy for them to keep it off the market. The service includes an easy-to-use platform, saves users hundreds of hours of legwork, and now covers all data broker types collecting personal information.

“We’re thrilled to launch this new service and to continue providing our customers with the best possible protection for their personal information,” Darius Belejevas adds. “We believe that everyone has a right to privacy, and we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for our customers to take control of who has access to their personal information.”

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