Incogni reviews: what the web is saying about Incogni

⭐️ 4,5/5

“All in all, it’s an excellent privacy service from a company that’s already built a stellar reputation for privacy. What’s not to like?”

⭐️ 4/5

“Incogni does what it promises.”

⭐️ 4/5

For savvy internet users that want to get their data out of online databases, Incogni can work on keeping your personal data your own.

In short:

✅ Five data-broker categories covered

✅ Set and forget: simply sign up and sit back

✅ Affordable: starting at $6.49 a month

✅ Monthly records monitoring

✅ 170 data brokers covered

Expert reviewers weigh in on Incogni

Incogni quickly caught the attention of some of the most well-respected publications in the tech and privacy spaces. 

PC Mag

4/5 stars


“Incogni does what it promises.”


• “Finds personal data on people search sites”
• “Sends official removal requests to data brokers in your name”
• “Tracks responses from brokers”
• “Repeats removal requests as needed”
• “Relatively inexpensive”


• Doesn’t report details of personal data it finds”


4.9/5 stars


“Incogni is a very simple tool to use – and your experiences with it will vary, depending on the expectations. I like to see it as your personal assistant, giving leverage against massive data broker companies. In addition, Incogni keeps improving with time. Recently it has launched a feature dedicated to American users – an option to be de-listed from ‘people search’. However, there’s still where to improve, like making it available to add multiple emails on one account, and family plans. But even as it is right now, Incogni is an excellent simple tool for making sure your data isn’t sold to the highest bidder.”


4/5 stars


“Incogni offers a compelling service for users to take back their privacy. We value the annual discount, the weekly updates, the money back guarantee for 30-days, and that this can save a user hundreds of hours of work. Some areas for improvement would be a free trial, and more options to get support. Overall, for those that value their data privacy, Incogni is worth examining further.”


• “30-day money back guarantee”
• “Annual prepay discount”
• “Weekly updates on data removal process”


• “Limited support options”
• “No free trial”


4.5/5 stars


“All in all, it’s an excellent privacy service from a company that’s already built a stellar reputation for privacy. What’s not to like?”


• “Handles multiple official data removal requests on your behalf”
• “Provides you with visibility into data brokers’ responses”
• “Simple sign-up process”
• “Fair prices”


• “Won’t confirm the data broker actually complied with the request and deleted your information”*
• * Other reviewers, like those at PC Mag, don’t necessarily see this as a fault: “Incogni’s acceptance of each broker’s assurance that your data is gone is reasonable, given the consequences for malfeasance.”


“Incogni is a handy tool by Surfshark, which is better known for its virtual private network (VPN) service. Although Incogni is relatively new, it has already become an established data removal service that is in touch with over 180 data brokers. Due to its relatively cheap subscriptions, it is a great option for people who are concerned about their privacy but short on time and money. Incogni will take care of all the communication with data collectors, and all you have to do is occasionally check their dashboard to see the status of requests.”


• Sends data removal requests in your name to save you time
• UI is simple, organized, and easy-to-use
• Tracks and reports on responses from data brokers
• Relatively inexpensive
• Recurring data removals


• Doesn’t analyze who has your data; it just sends requests to a pre-set list of data brokers
• Only available in the US, UK, Canada, and the EU
• Doesn’t tell you what data was found at each broker


“If you’re in fear of your sensitive personal data being used for unsavory activities, you can use Incogni to scrub the internet of most of your private information. In a world where sending data removal requests would be impossibly time consuming, we are big fans of its automated data removal process.”


• “Removes data from over 180 data brokers”
• “Completely automated process”
• “Detailed knowledgebase and FAQ”


• “Lacks live chat support”

WebHostingSecretRevealed (WHSR)

4/5 stars


“For a long time, we ran rampant across the Internet. So many things are free – they just want to know a few minor details about you in exchange. In the end, you provide ten websites with your data, and they sell or give it to 100 others. By then, it’s too late to regret, and you’ve lost control over things. At this point, it’s time to consider a service like Incogni, which will take over the headache and get the data removed on your behalf.”


• “Minimal effort required”
• “Presents clear information”
• “Works quickly”
• “Detailed updates available”
• “30-Day money-back guarantee”
• “Persistent effect”
• “Consumer-friendly”


• “Somewhat limited availability”
• “Expect to pay for a lifetime” ***

*** There are no one-and-done data removal solutions currently available, they all require indefinite upkeep.


“Incogni by Surfshark is a personal information removal service that sends data removal requests to several data brokers simultaneously, reporting on their responses. It’s a new tool that is safe and legit, but it is not free. While it has pros and cons, it is, overall, an excellent data privacy tool. Nevertheless, I will recommend that you get Incogni because it is affordable, user-friendly, privacy-centric, and effective for removing your personal information from data broker websites.”


• “Easy to set up and use”
• “Wildest geographical coverage”
• “It is available for the US, EU, UK, and Switzerland”
• “Sends official removal requests on users’ behalf to data broker companies”
• “Supports data removal results for over 180 data brokers”
• “Supports over 60 people search sites”
• “Responses can be tracked”
• “30-day money-back guarantee”
• “Subscription can be canceled at any time”
• “Repeats removal requests”


• “No free version”
• “You can not access your Surfshark VPN account from Incogni and vice versa. Although they are from the same company; they are two systems that are not linked together”


“[Incogni] turns a practically impossible process into a piece of cake for an affordable fee. While Incogni might not be as good as Surfshark VPN in its field, it is a handy new tool. So no, it’s not the whole solution, but digital security has never had silver bullets. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent first step that we recommend wholeheartedly to any internet user who values privacy and the right to be forgotten.

Restore Privacy

“Incogni is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for getting your personal data removed from at least some of the data brokerage firms that are springing up all over the place. It is not the only product that aims to help you deal with this problem, but it comes with a reasonable price tag and the pro-privacy pedigree of the Surfshark family. If you want a low-hassle way to reduce your data footprint on and off the internet, you’ll like Incogni.”

All About Cookies

4/5 stars


“Incogni is a good product that will help keep you safer online. Reducing the amount of visible, collected data about you online will make you less of a target for identity thieves, spammers, and scammers.Plus, it can take 300+ hours a year to negotiate with the data brokers on your own. And that’s not considering new data broker sites open up every day, meaning you’d need to constantly stay on top of data removal requests if you don’t use Incogni. Since Incogni is owned by Surfshark, you know it comes from a reliable source. While we wish there were a few more features — or the ability to bundle with Surfshark — we were pleased with the clean design aesthetic and transparency. Incogni might not be an all-encompassing service, but it gets the job done.”


• “Low maintenance”
• “Well-organized information”
• “Fast response and removal”


• “No extra features”
• “No Surfshark bundle options”


“Data deletion software is still in its infancy. If you want to exercise your right to be forgotten and have any chance of it sticking, you’ve got limited alternatives, like DeleteMe. However, DeleteMe is expensive, so for the individual on a budget, Incogni is the best choice by default. Not that Incogni wins all its points by attrition. It’s a genuinely well-built service that works with lightning efficiency. In the three business days I spent writing this article, it confirmed deletion from 39 out of 140 data brokers, which was over a quarter of my unwanted online presence. To resolve the rest, all I have to do is wait. Incogni’s privacy policy is a huge sticking point, but it’s not as bad as it could be (and much better [than] DeleteMe), since it never works with your most sensitive data. Having your home address in one database versus 100 is an obvious choice. Still, I’ll be watching to see if Incogni ever lets any customer data slip (though it hasn’t so far).”


• “Almost entirely automated”
• “Monthly plans available”
• “Sends & handles removal requests quickly”
• “Removes data from unsafe locations”


• “Loopholes in privacy policy”
• “Can’t tell if a broker has your data”
• “Unclear support for rejected requests”
• “Does not include all data brokers”

How-To Geek

Rating: 7/10

“If you take your personal data seriously, and you should, Incogni is a great tool to identify which brokers have a hold of your information and get them to wipe it from their databases.”


• “Works quickly”
• “Rundown on each data source”
• “Thorough analysis for sensitive data”
• “Scrubs personal info from unwanted sources”


• “Provides some personal information in emails”
• “Invites some brokers to contact you directly”

Privacy Tools

“Incogni is an easy, lightweight, and accessible means to wash away your digital footprint. Though it’s not the most comprehensive service available; it is by far the simplest, cheapest and least demanding of user input. Their business model is transparent, and the website itself manages [to] strike a fantastic balance between minimalism and providing troves of interesting details. Just a week after signing up, nearly fifty requests had been completed by Incogni on my behalf, with zero action required on my part. Even though it wasn’t strictly necessary to spend time on their site skimming over the fine details of what they were doing, I still ended up checking up on [the] “detailed view” page periodically to learn more about the brokers my data was being scrubbed from. Incogni isn’t just a service—it can also be an interesting, educational experience. I recommend purchasing an annual plan for maximum savings, then just forgetting about it and letting it run—the beauty of the service is that you don’t need to pay attention to it, after all. This service is only going to grow in the future, so expect even more bang for your buck as time progresses.”

Here’s what everyday users are saying on Trustpilot:

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Easy set-up and a money-back guarantee

Trying Incogni is about as easy as it gets: just a short, three-step sign-up process and you’re ready to go. There’s nothing more to do at your end, just sit back and let us handle everything in the background. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, all you stand to lose is the five minutes it takes to sign up!


What is Incogni?

Incogni is an automated personal information removal service. It uses available data privacy laws to get data brokers—companies that deal in personal information—to remove its customers’ information from their databases. Incogni also monitors data brokers to make sure that what gets removed stays removed.

What does Incogni cost?

Incogni costs $6.49 a month (plus tax) on an annual plan or $12.99 a month (plus tax) on a monthly plan. An annual plan ($77.88 a year plus tax) makes the most sense, and not only because of the 50% discount when compared to a monthly plan. Personal information removal takes time to take effect.

Is Incogni a VPN?

No, Incogni is not a VPN. Incogni is an automated personal information removal service. It determines which data brokers are likely to have your data and checks people search sites for your data before sending out wave after wave of data-removal requests on your behalf.

Who owns Incogni?

Incogni is owned by Surfshark, the company behind Surfshark VPN, Antivirus, Alert, and Search. Surfshark has a stellar reputation, especially for its no-logs, user-friendly VPN service. It actively promotes a free and open internet by supporting non-profit organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Who is the founder of Incogni?

Incogni was founded by Surfshark, the well-known and widely trusted cybersecurity company most famous for its VPN service. Incogni is distinct from Surfshark’s branded products, like its VPN, Antivirus, Alert, and Search. Regardless, Incogni benefits from Surfshark’s expertise and well-deserved reputation.

What is the privacy policy of Incogni?

Incogni has a comprehensive privacy policy available on its site. The policy is written in plain English and puts an emphasis on transparency. If you have any questions regarding Incogni’s privacy practices not answered by the privacy policy, you can contact the company directly at

Is Incogni legit?

Yes, Incogni is legit. Incogni is a fully registered and compliant business that makes use of various data privacy laws (like California’s CPRA and the EU’s GDPR) to help its customers exercise their rights to data privacy. Data brokers comply with Incogni’s requests because the law requires them to do so.

Does Incogni work?

Yes, Incogni works. Users report receiving far less spam, far fewer scam texts and emails, and not experiencing nearly as many scam attempts. These are the more measurable effects of successful, broadscale personal information removal. There are many other, less measurable, benefits, too.

Incogni removes your personal information not only from the shadowy data brokers that sell and trade personal data behind the scenes, but also from the people search sites that are happy to have your details show up in regular web searches. The privacy this restores is hard to quantify, but is clearly felt.

Does Incogni really work?

Yes, Incogni really does work. Getting your personal data out of the hands of the companies that generate profits by exploiting that data is actually as easy as asking them to stop (depending on your local state laws). The catch? Asking them all to stop would take you 300+ hours.

This is where Incogni comes in. It automates the process, sending out inhuman numbers of requests at a time. Incogni then restarts the whole procedure every three months to make sure sneaky data brokers don’t re-add your data once it’s been removed. This is how Incogni achieves its results.

All this takes time, with many state data privacy laws giving data brokers a generous 45 days to comply with data removal requests. Then you have to wait for each spammer, scammer, and advertiser to check back in with their favorite data broker and update their databases. So Incogni does work, just not instantly.

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