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If you’re considering signing up for a data removal service, you may have come across OneRep in your search.

OneRep offers a variety of subscription plans and claims to remove data from over 190 people search sites, yet it’s rarely featured in online recommendations or reviews. There are several reasons why. Let’s dive right in.

Onerep review: Onerep homepage

OneRep data removal service at a glance

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of OneRep to give you an honest overview of what to expect from this data removal service. Here’s a quick OneRep review summary:

+190 people search sites coveredThe CEO also owns a data broker company
Unlimited number of names and addressesYour data will be shared with other companies (details in privacy policy)
Additional scans on requestRemoves data only from people search sites—other types of data brokers are not covered
Data security certification (SOC 2 Type 1)No money-back guarantee
Family plansUS residents only.
A five-day free-trial period (credit card details must be provided)

OneRep overview

OneRep was founded in 2015 and operates mainly from Belarus, despite being officially registered in the US. Its founder, Dimitri Shelest, also launched several data broker sites while serving as CEO of OneRep, including Nuwber, which he still owns today. In a statement following these revelations, he claims not to sell users’ data to other companies but doesn’t deny sharing them.

Following the disclosure of this information, the company is now understandably on a path to regaining public trust—a challenging task. If you’re still considering OneRep at this point, read on to learn more about its offer.

Starting price for one year$8.33/mo$15.00/mo
Number of data brokers covered**199199
Types of data brokers covered***People search sites (PSS)
People search sites (PSS)
Frequency of records monitoringMonthlyMonthly
Frequency of progress reportsMonthlyMonthly
Billing cycleMonthly or yearlyMonthly or yearly
Money-back guarantee5-day (credit card required)5-day (credit card required)
* We calculated the value based on the cheapest monthly price divided by the number of data brokers covered. Not every broker listed by OneRep will necessarily hold your data.
** The Optery website claims “190+” data brokers in several prominent places. The list of data brokers they provide contains 199 brokers.
*** We performed this categorization ourselves (OneRep doesn’t offer a breakdown by type).

How OneRep works

OneRep offers a fully automated service that scans people search sites for your information, and then requests removal from the sites that hold your data. 

Although OneRep claims to remove Google search results about you, this is inaccurate. As Google is a search engine, the only way to remove results from it is to delete them at the source. While OneRep cannot remove you from Google searches directly, your name will eventually appear on the search results list less often, as it’s removed from data broker sites.

Before subscribing to OneRep, you can perform a free initial scan to see which people search sites hold your data. Once you select a paid plan, OneRep will start removing your personal information from these sites and send you monthly updates on its progress.

One of the benefits of OneRep is that you can add an unlimited number of name variations, addresses (including previous addresses), and phone numbers to your profile to remove all your personal information. On the other hand, given its recently revealed conflicts of interest, this also leaves OneRep in a position to collect and share more of your personal data with third parties.

Which data brokers does OneReps cover?

OneRep is very transparent about the number of data brokers it covers. You can easily find the full list on their website. There are exactly 199 data brokers listed. All of them are people search sites. OneRep does not remove personal information from marketing data aggregators or recruitment-related data broker sites.  

OneRep data collection

As per the privacy policy, OneRep collects information necessary for it to run its service:

  • Registration information
  • Payment information from its payment provider
  • The personal information you provide, necessary for the removal process
  • Data regarding your time on OneRep’s website (IP address, browser type, pages visited).

OneRep data sharing

For a service that cares for users’ online privacy, OneRep shares a surprising amount of data with third parties. In addition to sharing some personal information with people search sites—necessary to find users’ records—it also sends data to:

  • Affiliate management products
  • Law enforcement (when requested)
  • Third-party services (including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Reddit Ads)
  • And, most worryingly, unspecified “contractors.”

As mentioned, OneRep’s data-sharing practices and trust issues were brought to light in 2024. While the company issued a response to the accusations, it failed to address all of them. Additionally, the CEO admitted to owning Nuwber, one of the largest people search sites.

OneRep pricing

How much does OneRep cost? It’s not the most affordable service out there, but it’s good value for money. That is, if you’re willing to subsidize the monetary cost with your data. 

OneRep offers yearly and monthly plans. The individual plan is better value, at $8.33/mo billed annually, while the monthly plan is more expensive, at $14.95/mo. OneRep’s family plan is more expensive, starting at $15/mo, but it’s also very generous, allowing you to add up to six family members. All plans start with a 5-day free trial, but a credit card is required to open an account. 

Onerep review: OneRep pricing

OneRep dashboard and reporting

Like other data removal services, OneRep provides a detailed dashboard for its customers to keep tabs on the progress of their removals. The dashboard also shows the number of profiles found on data brokers’ sites and the different personal data points each data broker holds on people.

Onerep review: OneRep dashboard

OneRep vs Incogni

Both OneRep and Incogni are online data removal services that rely on automatic opt-out processes to scan for and remove sensitive personal information from websites and data brokers’ databases. Both also offer yearly and monthly billing cycles, with the annual plan being the more affordable option long-term.

Compared to Incogni, OneRep has a longer list of data brokers (199 vs 159) but covers only people search sites and no other types of data brokers. Incogni also opts their customers out from marketing and recruitment data brokers, who often don’t have searchable sites or an official opt-out procedure. Moreover, Incogni’s subscription is cheaper than even OneRep’s most affordable plan. That said, the OneRep family plan is generous and reasonably priced, while Incogni’s family plan isn’t available yet (it’ll be released shortly).

Both companies monitor records monthly, but Incogni sends reports weekly rather than monthly. Incogni offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, while OneRep offers a five-day free trial (credit card details must be provided) and can return the money on request, but there is no guarantee.

Most importantly, OneRep has been accused of sharing data with people search sites (the CEO also owns a data broker business), and people’s trust in it has been eroded. Following the accusations, Mozilla ended its partnership with OneRep (OneRep was to deliver its new web-wiping service).

Starting price for one year$6.49/mo$8.33/mo
Number of data brokers covered159199
Types of data brokers coveredPeople search
Risk mitigation
People search
Frequency of records monitored MonthlyMonthly
Frequency of progress reportsWeeklyMonthly
Billing cycleMonthlyYearlyMonthlyYearly
Money-back guarantee30-day
Shares data with third parties NoYes
* We calculated the value based on the cheapest monthly price divided by the number of data brokers covered. Not every broker listed by OneRep will necessarily hold your data. This value metric comes out to $0.04/broker on the Individual plan.

Final verdict on OneRep

Although OneRep offers a good range of subscription plans and claims to remove data from numerous people search sites, concerns regarding its transparency and data-sharing practices overshadow any potential benefits of the product. After all, you don’t want to sign up for a privacy service only to have your private information shared with the very companies you were trying to escape. In keeping with the accusations, and despite its solid SOC 2 Type 1 certification, OneRep’s privacy policy lacks transparency and offers little reassurance. There are several other data removal services out there, and for the time being, we suggest you select one of them instead. 


Does OneRep really work?

OneRep is a data removal company that will remove your personal information from people search sites. However, it will not delete you directly from Google or other search engines, like it advertises. The service works but has received many negative reviews lately due to its data-sharing practices. 

What is the difference between OneRep and DeleteMe?

Both OneRep and DeleteMe will opt you out from people search sites exclusively (with no other types of data broker covered). OneRep covers 199 people search sites, DeleteMe removes data from around 75. Both services offer family plans, with DeleteMe being the most expensive, starting at $10.75/mo.

Check out our detailed review of DeleteMe and OneRep.

Is OneRep com a safe site?

OneRep has the SOC 2 Type 1 certification confirming the company’s compliance with cybersecurity standards. That said, its privacy policy lacks transparency regarding its data-sharing practices. The fact that the CEO of OneRep also owns Nuwber, a data broker site, casts suspicion on its commitment to online privacy. 

How to remove all of my personal information from the internet?

You can remove personal information from the internet either by using a paid service or doing it yourself, for free. Opt out of people search sites, delete your social profile profiles or set them to private, and repeat as required. Or use a data removal service to automate the process.

Who are OneRep’s competitors?

Currently, several other data removal services are available on the market. OneRep’s competitors include Incogni, DeleteMe, Optery, Kanary, and PrivacyBee, to name a few.

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