How to stop spam texts on iPhone

Are you getting tons of spam text messages? Is the constant pinging of spam text driving you nuts? Are you googling how to block spam messages? Look no further. We’re here to help with unwanted messages — let’s dive into how to enable spam protection and block spam texts!

Updated: September 29, 2023

In short, to stop spam texts on your iPhone do the following:

  1. Understand why you are receiving so many spam texts on iPhone. Then, remove your contact info from the source.
  2. Filter unknown senders.
  3. Report spam to your provider and Apple.
  4. Block the number on your iPhone.
  5. Get a third-party filtering app and enable it.
  6. Block spam text messages using your carrier.

Keep reading the guide to learn how to do this.

Understand why you are receiving so many spam texts on iPhone

  • Data brokers collect and share information to anyone willing to buy. Try to search for your name and surname on Google and you’ll see several site sharing your personal info.
  • A server maintaining your personal data may have experienced a data leak, and the info has fallen into the wrong hands.

Take action: remove your data from data brokers

Data brokers sell your info to anyone willing to buy. Most times, the buyers are marketers wanting to sell you merch; other times, the buyers are hackers on the dark web (read this post to find out what to do if your phone number is on the dark web), usually looking for ways to exploit you. You’ll want to opt out of these databases or use a personal information removal service like Incogni to simplify the process and opt out from several ones in one go.

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Filter unknown senders

The first and best way of blocking spam texts on iPhone is to filter known and unknown senders.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Messages.
Stop Spam: IMG 1
  1. Turn on the Filter Unknown Senders.
Stop Spam: IMG 2

This will filter messages from people who aren’t on your contact list.

Note: once the number gets filtered, you won’t be able to click on any links in the text message until you add that number to your contacts.

Remember that some of the unknown messages from unknown senders aren’t spam. So follow these steps if you wish to check the filtered messages and access your message filtering:

  1. Go to your Messages app.
  2. Tap Filters at the top left corner of the screen.
Stop Spam: IMG 3
  1. Pick Unknown Senders.
Stop Spam: IMG 4

TIP: turn the feature off or check the Unknown Senders tab if you expect delivery. Some couriers and delivery service providers like Door Dash or Uber Eats send texts to notify you and often change the numbers.

Turn off the notifications for spam texts

To stop the pinging madness from unsaved contacts, head to SettingsNotificationsMessagesCustomize Notifications and switch off the Unknown Senders.

Report spam to your provider and Apple

By reporting spam, you’ll help the service provider track and block these messages in the future. To do so, copy the message and send it to 7726.

Apple also allows you to report spam messages, but it’s only available if you’re using iMessage (the blue-colored version of messaging). Long-press the spam message, tap Report Junk, then Delete and Report Junk.

The message along with the sender’s info will be sent to Apple. Keep in mind that the message will be permanently deleted from your device, but the sender will still be able to reach you. To stop spam texts coming from the sender, block their number. 

Block the number on your iPhone

Follow these steps to block any individual numbers sending spam texts on iPhone:

  1. Go to the Messages app and open the conversation with the number you want to block.
  2. Tap the number or the name at the top center of the conversation.
  3. Tap Info.
  4. Tap Block this Caller.

The number will be added to your personal block list, which you can visit and unblock at any time.

Get a third-party filtering app and enable it

Some third-party apps for iPhone automatically block and filter unknown messages and spam in your stead. To name a few — RoboKiller, TextKiller, Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID, and Nomorobo Robocall Blocking.

Once you’ve downloaded it, the app should be up and filtering by default. If it’s not, here’s how to enable (or disable) it manually through iPhone settings:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Tap Unknown and Spam under Message Filtering.
  4. Pick the filtering app you downloaded and toggle it on.

Block spam text messages using your carrier

Most phone carriers have an app that alerts you about incoming spam calls. But don’t fret! Some providers have apps meant to help deal with spam messages as well:

  • Verizon offers the Call Filter app. It provides spam detection, text blocking, filtering, a white-list option for iOS, and a neighborhood spoofing filter.
  • US Cellular has the Call Guardian app offering caller ID, spam alerts, and spam reporting. Also, it lets you create a personal spam block list.
  • Google Fi has blocking options in the app itself.

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What happens if you text a scammer back?

Replying to a scam text will show the scammer that your number is being used and ready for more spam. Which usually leads to receiving more spam and scam texts from more sources than one.

If you respond to the hacker’s text message, they can also pinpoint the general area from which you’re sending the message.

Remember, whatever you do, don’t reply to spam messages and robotexts to avoid getting more spam.

Does iPhone have a spam text blocker?

iPhones have something similar to a text blocker, and it’s called Filter Unknown Senders. This way Apple allows iPhone users to filter text messages and turn the notifications off from the ones coming from unknown senders.

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