Amazon Free Coat – is it a Scam?

Winter is coming. And those with children know the pain of having to buy new coats every year to keep up with their growth spurts. The Amazon free coat scam targets these parents.

Since last year, posts raving about a special offer on Amazon promising a free winter jacket for children have been circulating on Facebook. Unfortunately, victims of this scam ended up with more than they bargained for.

With the season upon us once again, it’s time to prepare for the Amazon free coat scam. Below, we will cover how to spot the scam, what to do if you encounter one, and what to do if you’ve fallen for such a scam.

Is the Amazon free coat a scam?

If you come across a Facebook post claiming you can get a free LINKIOM children’s coat on Amazon using a special promo code, this is a scam. Users report that these coupon codes don’t actually work and you’ll make a purchase at the full amount.

This is a common e-commerce review scam. You will not receive a free coat, and if you do, it will be poor quality. But the scammers will get your home address and can then send you unsolicited packages as part of a brushing scam. They use these “orders” to post fake reviews and positive feedback online to lure more victims.

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How to spot the scam

The Amazon free jacket scam is pretty easy to spot. There are four main components.

  1. A Facebook post. Someone will post about this amazing offer on Amazon.
Amazon Free Coat Scam image 1
Amazon Free Coat Scam image 2
  1. Free coats. They will offer free coats from LINKIOM for little girls aged 10 and under.
Amazon Free Coat Scam image 3
  1. A coupon code. The user claims they were able to purchase a jacket for free using a special promo code.
  2. A link to the seller listing. The post will usually link to what looks like the legitimate Amazon website.

If you see such an offer, you can be sure it’s an Amazon coat scam. But even if it isn’t this particular scam, you should still be extra wary of offers that sound too good to be true and products with tons of positive reviews despite the seller’s Amazon account being relatively new.

On this article you can read about some of the most popular Amazon scams.

What to do if you see the Amazon free coat review scam

If you spot an Amazon free coat scam out in the wild: 

  • Do not follow the link.
  • Do not purchase the jacket.

If you make the purchase (and possibly if you follow the link), your personal information may be compromised. Best case scenario – you pay for a sub-par jacket. Worst case scenario – you become a victim of identity theft.  

What to do if you fell victim to an Amazon free coat scam

If you’ve already fallen for the Amazon free coat scam and made the purchase, all is not lost. Here’s what you should do next:

Change your Amazon password and payment details

When dealing with scammers, it’s always a good idea to update your security, especially if you followed any links. The first thing you should do is update your Amazon password and change the payment method and/or credit card information on your account.

Report the scam

Next, report the fraudulent activity.

  • Facebook: Report the Facebook post from the menu in the top, right-hand corner of the post. Select Report post.
  • Amazon: contact Amazon customer service and inform them of the fraudulent activity. If you have any supporting evidence such as screenshots, submit them as well. 
  • Better Business Bureau: You should file a complaint with the BBB. This will make it harder for the scammers to operate in the future and scam other people.

Keep an eye on your credit card activity

If you have given your card details to these scammers, it’s essential that you monitor your credit card statement for unusual activity. As a preventative measure, we also recommend getting a new card. In the wrong hands, these details can be used for identity theft.

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