Amazon Massage Gun Scam & Remove Your Info

This free massage gun scam has been making the rounds, fooling online users for years. You might come across posts claiming you can score a free massage gun on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you do, don’t get too excited!

There are many scams designed to extract sensitive information from unsuspecting victims with the promise of gifts. In this article, we’ll go over how to spot the scam and what to do if you’ve been pulled into one.

Is the Amazon massage gun coupon code a scam?

If you come across a post on social media advising you to use a coupon code or set of codes to score a free Butyce massage gun, this is a scam. The seller will usually be a company called CCCP LLC, a china based seller with the business name ZhengZhouZhuangCaiShangMaoYouXianGongSi.

These scammers spread fake offers for an Amazon free massage gun with the intent of collecting your personal information such as your address and phone number.

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How to spot the scam

While this type of scam might not seem the most harmful at a glance, these scammers are collecting personal information. They can use your address to place more “phantom orders” to further boost their products on Amazon or, even worse, use your details to steal your identity.

You can prevent any of that from happening by keeping a careful eye out for the telltale signs. Here’s how the Amazon massage gun scam usually works:

You will see a post on social media talking about an Amazon free massage gun. All you have to do is use a free massage gun code or pair of codes that bring the order value down to $0. 

Though the promo codes may work, they are just lures. There is no free massage gun.

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Amazon Message Gun Scam Guide image 2

The seller responsible for this massage gun scam is CCCP LLC. They use the Amazon Free Massage Gun offer to boost their listing to #1 in its category on Amazon, thereby reaching more victims.

Amazon Message Gun Scam Guide image 3

This, of course, is how the scammers steal your sensitive data. Seems obvious, but many fall for it. 

Here are some things you should watch out for if you don’t want to fall for one of these scams:

  • Any texts messages or emails that aren’t from your friends or family members;
  • Text messages or emails from your friends or family using unfamiliar email addresses or phone numbers;
  • Messages about promotions, raffles, and rewards schemes that you have not opted into;
  • Unexpected texts with suspicious links, even if the URL in the link appears legit at a glance.

Once the product is artificially boosted, they can cancel the codes and make other people pay money for a best-selling item.

These types of review scams work really well. Social media users see “free massage guns,” and jump at the opportunity while spreading the good news. But, unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

On this article you can read about some of the most popular Amazon scams.

What to do if you see the Amazon free massage gun promotion

You might see posts like what we described above on social media. If you do, here’s what we recommend you do.

  1. Don’t buy the massage gun, even if the promo codes work.
  2. If someone you know has shared the information, alert them of the scam and ask them to take down the post.
  3. If it is a post made by the scammers themselves, report it on the social media platform so it can get taken down.
  4. Report the scam to Amazon customer service
  5. Improve the privacy settings of your social media platforms:

What to do if you fell victim to an Amazon massage gun scam

If you’ve already fallen for the Amazon free massage gun scam, you might find the seller is no longer active. There’s no point waiting around for a free massage gun. But here’s what you can (and should) do:

Change passwords

Scams can compromise your personal information such as passwords and account details. The first thing you should do is log in to your Amazon account and reset your password. It’s also a good idea to change the payment method and cards saved.

Report the scam

Next, you’ll want to alert the relevant parties to this scam.

  • Social media platforms: depending on where you saw it, report the post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to have it taken down.
  • Amazon: you can alert Amazon of this scam by contacting their customer service. Make sure to also submit any supporting evidence such as screenshots.
  • Better Business Bureau: you can make life harder for the scammers by also filing a formal complaint with the BBB. You can use this form.
  • Federal Trade Commission: the FTC can take legal action against scammers and bring them to justice. Submit a report here so they can start an investigation. 

Keep an eye on your credit

In case you gave your card details to these scammers, you should keep a close eye on your credit for unusual activity. If you notice anything strange, alert your bank and the police and refer to the FTC identity theft resource:

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