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The people search site Public Records Now may be little more than a sales funnel for another data broker called PeopleFinders, but it could still cause some problems in its own right. Getting your listing removed from shouldn’t take you too long, if you can get it to work.

We experienced a range of errors when trying to opt out of Public Records Now, with many attempts failing. Even when we got confirmation that the opt-out process was successful, our listings remained up on the site.

Using our guide to remove yourself from might be a better option, allowing you to kill at least two birds with one stone. The way these two data brokers are connected is pretty common in this shadowy industry.

We recommend hunting down and opting out of every data broker that’s dealing in your personal information. You can try to do this one-by-one by following our guides, or you can let our automated data removal service send out and monitor dozens of opt-out requests at a time.

Opt-out process:  5 – 10 minutes

Removal Requirements: None

Updated: October 6, 2022

Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s easy for data brokers to get a hold of your most sensitive information. We believe taking your data off the market should be just as easy!

For just $5.79 per month, Incogni automatically sends out dozens to even hundreds of opt-out requests at once.

Don’t waste any more time opting out one by one. Let us deal with data brokers, so you don’t have to!

What is Public Records Now? is a people search where you can search for addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, marriage/divorce records, and more. It acts as a teaser and advertisement for the larger data broker PeopleFinders. A free search on Public Records Now will reveal your:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current and past locations
  • Redacted email addresses
  • Current and past partial phone numbers
  • Relatives’ and associates’ full names

Clicking on “view details” will take you to a PeopleFinders paywall. Hang around on this page for a while and you’ll be offered a $1, five-day trial membership with This $1 trial gets anyone, including your worst enemy, the following private information:

  • Arrest & criminal records
  • Misdemeanors & felonies
  • Registered sex offender status
  • Warrants & police records
  • Nationwide court records
  • Evictions & foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies, liens & judgments
  • Speeding tickets
  • Social media records
  • Addresses & phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Family members & associates
  • Assets & properties
  • Business records
  • Professional licenses
  • Public records
  • Deceased indicator
  • Marriage & divorce records

Having this much of your private data so easily available puts you at obvious risk of discrimination, harassment, and criminal victimization. But even the free Public Records Now search results can be used to invade your privacy in ways that aren’t so obvious.

The redacted email addresses available on reveal the full email domains, potentially exposing your current and past employers. The partial phone numbers can be used to identify your listings on other people search sites.

Having your records up on either or puts you at greater risk of falling victim to scams, stalking, and identity theft. It’s also likely to lead to greater volumes of robocalls, spam emails, and phishing attempts.

We recommend removing your personal information from both of these companies and any other data brokers that have it. Use our detailed, easy-to-follow guides below to do this yourself. Sign up to Incogni to have us deal with all the hassle on your behalf.

Step-by-step Public Records Now opt-out guide

Feature image: Public Records Now Opt Out

Step-by-step Public Records Now opt-out guide

Total Time: 5 minutes

1) Navigate to the Public Records Now opt-out form

Opt out of Public Records Now step 1-1

Go directly to the dedicated opt-out page.

1b) Go to the contact page and click “click here to opt out”

Opt out of Public Records Now step 1-2

Or go to the contact page and click on “click here to opt out.” We’ve had more success with this second route.

2) Fill in the opt-out form

Opt out of Public Records Now step 2-1

Enter your first and last name, city, and state. Use the same details that appear in your listing.

3) Complete the CAPTCHA challenge and click “Opt out”

Opt out of Public Records Now step 2-2

Complete the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA challenge and click on “opt out.”

4) Continue your data removal journey

That’s it! You should be taken to a screen confirming your opt-out request, and your listing should be gone from the site immediately. Even if everything here goes according to plan, there’s (much) more you need to do if you want to defend your right to privacy.

There are hundreds of other data brokers that could have your private data right now. Some you can find simply by performing a web search for your name. Others will require some research into data brokers operating in your area to pin down. We recommend opting out of all of them.

Incogni’s researchers estimate that it’d take you 304 hours to make just one pass at removing yourself from all these data broker sites. Or you could let our automated data removal service send out dozens of opt-out requests at a time to get and keep your data off some of the largest data brokers.

Alternative Public Records Now opt-out methods

Public Records Now doesn’t explicitly offer any alternative opt-out methods, but you can try to submit your data removal request via the contact form if the opt-out form doesn’t work. Select “received an error message” in the subject field.

Enter your full name as it appears in your listing. Use a throwaway or masked email address to protect your privacy. The very first point in Public Records Now’s privacy policy states that they “may collect, sell, or share any personal information you enter on [their] website or provide to [them] in some other manner.”

Given that Public Records Now’s search results are powered by another data broker—PeopleFinders—you could also opt out of to get your data off Check out our step-by-step guide for removing yourself from

Take your data off the market with Incogni

Your data is worth more than oil in the digital age and data brokers are making bank at your expense. Remove and keep your personal information off these websites with Incogni!

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How long does it take to opt out of Public Records Now?

If everything goes smoothly, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to opt out of directly. It’ll take you 15 – 20 minutes to opt-out of, getting your listing off Public Records Now as you do so.

We recommend you opt out of PeopleFinders in order to get your personal data off Public Records Now.

When will Public Records Now delete my information?

Public Records Now should delete your records immediately. The data broker warns, though, that it will only block some of your information from showing up in its search results.

How does Public Records Now get my personal data?

Public Records Now claims to only draw upon public records when compiling your profile, but there’s no way to confirm this.

Can Public Records Now add my information again, even after they approve my opt-out request?

Yes, both Public Records Now and PeopleFinders can add your information again even after you’ve successfully opted out. This happens when a data broker fails to properly match new, incoming information with your previously opted-out profile.

Check back on both people search sites every now and then to see if your profile has reappeared. Repeat the opt-out procedure when it does. A good automated data removal service will restart opt-out procedures to make sure your data stays off data broker databases after it’s opted out.

What other companies have my private data?

The only thing you can know for sure at this stage is that PeopleFinders also has your data. Beyond that, it’s impossible to say without doing a bit of research. Search for yourself using any popular search engine to find the data brokers that allow their results to be indexed by search engines.

Look into data brokers known to operate in your area to find the ones that prefer to work behind the scenes. Opt out of all the data brokers that have or might have your data one by one. Our guides are here to help you with many of the major data brokers out there.

Alternatively, sign up to Incogni and let us handle all this, and more, for you. We’ll track down the most likely suspects, send them opt-out requests, and deal with any hoops and rejection appeals on your behalf.

Does Public Records Now have the right to use my data?

Yes, both Public Records Now and PeopleFinders have the legal right to use your data. Depending on where you live, you might have the right to force them to delete your records from their search results. State laws like the CCPA, CPA, and CDPA guarantee residents this right.