Whitepages Premium Opt Out & Data Removal Guide [2022] | Incogni

Whitepages Premium is a premium version of Whitpages.com. For a price, it provides your contact details and background information to individuals and small businesses. 

It’s a good idea to remove your personal information from every data broker database. These websites compromise your privacy and security, exposing you to increased risks of scams, identity theft, discrimination, and even stalking

Whitepages Premium, thankfully, has a relatively simple opt out process. Just follow the steps below and you should be able to send an opt-out request within 15 minutes, tops.  If you want to opt out from regular Whitepages, you can do so here.

Make sure to opt-out from some of the other major data brokers on the market by following our other opt out guides or try Incogni so you can sit back and relax while we deal with data brokers on your behalf. 

Opt-out process:  10 – 15 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: October 10, 2022

Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s easy for data brokers to get a hold of your most sensitive information. We believe taking your data off the market should be just as easy!

For just $5.79 per month, Incogni automatically sends out dozens to even hundreds of opt-out requests at once.

Don’t waste any more time opting out one by one. Let us deal with data brokers, so you don’t have to!

Step-by-step Whitepages Premium opt-out guide

Feature image: Whitepages Premium Opt Out

Step-by-step Whitepages Premium opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

1) Search for your record on Whitepages Premium

Opt out of Whitepages Premium step 1

Go to premium.whitepages.com and enter your full name, city, and state. Then click the magnifying glass to start the search.  

2) Open your record and click on “View Details”

Opt out of Whitepages Premium step 2

Find your record in the search results and click “view details.”

3) Copy the URL from the address bar

Opt out of Whitepages Premium step 3

Once you open the record, copy the URL from the address bar. 

4) Go to “submit a request” page to start the opt out process

Opt out of Whitepages Premium step 4

Go to the submit a request page and select “I need to edit or remove a listing” from the drop-down menu. 

5) Submit a removal request

Opt out of Whitepages Premium step 5

Enter your email address and paste the URL of your record into the URL field. In both the subject and description fields, write “I would like to have my listing removed from Whitepages Premium.” Then complete the CAPTCHA challenge and click “submit.”


  • Email

6) Continue your data removal journey

Your personal information should be removed from Whitepages Premium within 48 hours. Don’t forget to also opt-out from the regular Whitepages listings. You can find the guide for that here

Besides these two popular people search sites, there are hundreds of other data brokers in the US. Many of these are likely to have records containing your personal data. We recommend you remove them all to protect online privacy and security. 

Keeping your data off the market can be hard work. Data brokers form intricate networks that share your data and spread it online. Many of these websites will even add your records again, even after you opt-out, making data removal an ongoing effort.

Use an automated data removal service like Incogni so you can have peace of mind without the hassle. We send out dozens of data removal requests at a time and make sure your personal information stays off the market.

Take your data off the market with Incogni

Your data is worth more than oil in the digital age and data brokers are making bank at your expense. Remove and keep your personal information off these websites with Incogni!

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