What Are Dynata Calls and How to Stop Them From Calling

Unwanted calls are a hassle and a waste of your time. These phone calls often come at particularly inconvenient times, distract you from what you were doing, and interrupt your train of thought. All this so some company somewhere can try to sell you something or, worse, so a scammer can get you on the hook.

Dynata (formerly Survey Sampling International) is a little different, but no less disruptive. It’s not trying to sell you anything, and the company seems legitimate enough. Its call center workers call unsuspecting people and try to get them to complete survey questions for its clients.

Read on to learn how to stop Dynata calls from disturbing your day and what to do to stay safe from scammers that pretend to represent Dynata.

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What is Dynata and why are they calling me?

Dynata describes itself as a research company that collects first-party data. Combing phone calls with online tracking, Dynata conducts market research and provides insights on market trends to its customers.

Dynata, formerly E-Rewards Services, is likely calling to ask that you participate in a survey for one of its clients. These surveys cover everything from political views to consumer brand preferences. 

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Are Dynata research calls part of a scam?

Calls that actually come from Dynata are not a scam, they’re part of the research that Dynata is in the business of leveraging. There are scams, though, that piggyback on Dynata’s legitimate status. Scammers impersonating Dynata representatives operate phishing and other scams under the guise of surveys.

A scammer can use the pretext of consumer or market research to ask probing questions and gather personal information from you. A legitimate Dynata caller might ask your opinion regarding specific brands or ask about your political views ahead of the next election.

What they won’t do is ask for your Social Security number or try to get you to send them money. Scammers may do just that and more to get valuable, personal information from you. Some will even try to get you to install software on your computer that they can then use to gain access to your files.

The problem is that you can’t usually tell if a call is coming from Dynata or someone pretending to be a Dynata employee. Dynata calls will come from a range of different numbers—sometimes it’ll be a local area code, sometimes not. So there’s no guaranteed way to know just by looking at your cell phone.

The failsafe approach is simply not to answer calls from unknown callers. Short of that, you can stay safe by never giving personal information out over the phone or online—to anyone. Remember that you’re not obliged to participate in Dynata surveys and you don’t have to stay on the line if you’re uncomfortable.

If you’re concerned about a recent call with somebody claiming to be from Dynata, call the company on its toll-free number at 1-866-360-9678 (North America) or 1-801-379-4094 (outside North America).

How to stop calls from Dynata?

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Blocking the caller’s phone number won’t work: Dynata representatives will call you from a wide range of different numbers, trying to block them is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Never answering unknown calls will work, but if you’re on Dynata’s call list and it starts calling you more and more frequently, then this’ll quickly get old.

The best way to stop calls from Dynata is to request the company to add you to its no-contact list. This will opt you out of future survey calls. To get added to the no-contact list, call toll free on 1-833-757-1746 (North America) or 1-801-341-0764 (outside North America).

You can also call Dynata toll free on 1-866-360-9678 (North America) or 1-801-379-4094 (outside North America) to talk to someone at the company about a call you’ve received.

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Is Dynata a legitimate company?

Yes, Dynata is a legitimate company. It’s undergone many name changes over the years, with the names Survey Sampling International, E-Rewards Services, and Research Now all figuring in its history.

How do you get Dynata to stop calling you?

To get Dynata to stop calling you, ask the company to add you to its no-contact list. Call Dynata toll free on 1-833-757-1746 (North America) or 1-801-341-0764 (outside North America).

What kind of company is Dynata?

Dynata claims to be the largest first-party data platform in the world. It collects and analyzes data to help its clients do things like perform more accurate market research and create more effective advertising campaigns.

What companies use Dynata?

Too many to list, and they’re changing all the time. Dynata claims to have 6,000 customers across many major industries. Companies like PepsiCo, Spotify, Nestle, and Starbucks have at various times made use of Dynata’s services. 

How did Dynata get my number?

There’s no way to know for sure, but it’s reasonable to assume that Dynata got your number either directly from publicly available records or from a data broker. 

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