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Opting out of people search sites like ClustrMaps can be tricky. Fortunately, ClustrMaps has an opt-out page with a moderately easy data removal process. 

All you need to do is find your listing on their website, paste the URL into the CustrMaps opt-out page, and indicate all of the information you want them to delete. Once you submit the removal request, they should delete your listing immediately. 

While opting out of ClustrMaps is simple, it might not be a permanent solution. Most websites like ClustrMaps add your data to their website again after some time. This can happen even when they have a “suppression list” that’s designed to keep them from collecting information on individuals who have chosen to opt out.

To ensure your data stays off these websites, we recommend you check back every few months to re-submit data removal requests. You can also use an automatic data removal service like Incogni to do this for dozens of data brokers on your behalf.

Opt-out process: 10 – 15 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: June 30, 2022

ClustrMaps opt-out video guide

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What is ClustrMaps?

ClustrMaps is a people search site that operates mainly in the US. It collects personal information, creates detailed profiles, and publishes them online. ClustrMaps provides free services such as people search, address search, and website widgets that collect detailed website visitor data. 

The information they publish includes:

  • Full names
  • Current and past addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Employment history
  • Education history
  • Information about family members
  • Information about neighbors
  • Information about associated persons

ClustrMaps collects information from your browser, cookies and other tracking technologies, websites such as Google and Facebook, and other information brokers such as BeenVerified. They also use public records such as real estate deeds, granted licenses, and registration records. 

While the website is legal and not intended for malicious activities, there are still many associated dangers to websites like CustrMaps. Cybercriminals can use the information readily available on these sites for phishing, scams, identity theft, and even stalking. 
To keep yourself and your privacy safe, we highly recommend you remove your personal information from all data brokers that have it.

Step-by-step ClustrMaps opt-out guide

featured image for opt out from clustrmaps

Step-by-step ClustrMaps opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

1) Access the ClustrMaps website

Opt out of Clustrmap step 1

Go to

2) Find your listing

Opt out of Clustrmap step 2

Search for your listing by entering your full name or address into the search bar. Then click “find.”

3) View your account

Opt out of Clustrmap step 3

Once you have found your listing, click “view details” (you can skip this step if there are no other listings under your search as the listing will open automatically in this case).

4) Copy the URL

Opt out of Clustrmap step 4

Once you open your listing, copy the URL in the address bar.

5) Start the online opt-out process

Opt out of Clustrmap step 5

Go to the ClustrMaps opt-out page, enter your full name, email address, the URL of your listing, and your address in the appropriate fields. Then click “next step.” 
TIP: Make sure to enter your name and address exactly as it appears in your listing. 

6) Select the data you want to remove

Opt out of Clustrmap step 6

Check the boxes next to all the information you want ClustrMaps to delete. We recommend you delete all of the information for optimal privacy and security. Then click “apply” to submit your removal request.


  • Email

7) Delete ALL of your personal info 

Once they remove your information from ClustrMaps you might think your work is done. But if your goal was to make your personal information private, you still have some work to do!

There are thousands of data brokers like ClustrMaps that publish or sell your information online. You can find out which ones are selling or trading your data with some research. Just google your name or people search sites operating in your area and crack down on the results. 

To help you do this, you can find more opt-out guides for some of the biggest information brokers below. If you don’t have the time to do this for dozens of data brokers, you can use our automated data removal service

Alternative ClustrMaps removal methods

It’s also possible to opt out of ClustrMaps by contacting them directly. You can either send them an email at [email protected] or use their contact form

In both cases, make sure to include:

  • Your full name as it appears in your listing
  • Your full address as it appears in your listing
  • The URL of your listing

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How long will ClustrMaps take to process my opt-out request?

ClustrMaps should process your opt-out request immediately. If your information is still visible on their website after you have submitted a removal request, try clearing your cache and checking again. If that doesn’t work, contact ClustrMaps at [email protected] or use their contact form.

How long does it take to opt out of ClustrMaps?

It should only take you around 10 – 15 minutes to opt out of ClustrMaps if you use their data removal form. 

Is it safe to opt out of ClustrMaps?

Yes, it is safe to opt-out of ClustrMaps. However, as the website uses cookies and other tracking technologies, we recommend that you use private browsing or disable cookies before you access it. 

Can ClustrMaps collect my information again after I make them delete it?

Yes, it is possible that ClustrMaps will add your personal information to their website again even after you opt out. This can happen as they continuously scrape the internet for data and depends on how often they update their database. 

Another listing belonging to you is more likely to appear, especially after you change your phone number, address, or name. This is why we recommend you check the website for your personal information periodically, especially after making any of these changes. 

You can avoid the nuisance of information brokers adding your data again with a subscription to Incogni. We delete your personal information from the biggest companies that sell data and make sure it stays off their websites

Who owns ClustrMaps?

Marc Eisenstadt Is the founder and CEO of ClustrMaps. He started the company, which is based out of London, England, in June 2005.

How does ClustrMaps collect personal information?

ClustrMaps collects personal information using cookies and tracking technologies, social media profiles, websites that have your data, and other information brokers. 

Is ClustrMaps illegal?

No, ClustrMaps is completely legal and legit. They operate within the regulations of data privacy laws such as the GDPR and CCPA. If your area is covered by such laws, it means that you have the right to make ClustrMaps and other sites like it delete your personal data. 

What other data brokers have my personal information?

There are around 4,000 data brokers worldwide that collect and sell or trade personal data. You can find out which of these information brokers have your data by looking yourself up online using a search engine or researching which brokers are active in your area
You can also use a data removal service like Incogni that identifies and removes your personal info from data brokers automatically.