CocoFinder Opt Out & Data Removal Guide

CocoFinder is a data broker that provides people search, reverse phone lookup, and address lookup among other services. With a free search, users can find personal details such as your home address, phone number, email address, and names of possible relatives.

Those looking for more in-depth background checks can find links all over the website to other data brokers like PeopleLooker. For a fee, they can get a frightening amount of data, including financial information, criminal records, and more.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to opt out from CocoFinder. All you need to do is find your record on the website then fill out a form or send an opt-out request via email. We provide instructions on both of those options below.

Opt-out process:  5 – 10 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: November 18, 2022

Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

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Step-by-step Private Eye Opt Out Guide

Feature image: CocoFinder Opt Out Guide

Step-by-step Private Eye opt-out guide

Total Time: 5 minutes

1) Search for your record on

CocoFinder Opt Out Guide step 1

Go to Enter your first name, last name, and city. Then select your state from the drop-down menu and click “start search.”

2) Open your record

CocoFinder Opt Out Guide step 2

Find your record among the search results and click “check details.”

3) Copy the URL

CocoFinder Opt Out Guide step 3

Once you open the record, copy the URL from the address bar.

4) Access the opt-out page

CocoFinder Opt Out Guide step 4

Navigate over to the CocoFinder opt-out page and click “filling out this form.” It will take you to the opt-out form on Google Docs.

5) Fill out the opt-out form

CocoFinder Opt Out Guide step 5

Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Paste the URL you copied earlier into the URL field and where it says “leave a message,” ask them to remove your data from the CocoFinder database. Then click “submit.”

Alternatively, you can email the same information to [email protected]

TIP: To prevent CocoFinder from getting any more of your data, we recommend you use a masked or throwaway email account when filling out the form or sending an email to support


  • Email

6) Continue your data removal journey

That’s it! If you’ve followed our steps, your information should be removed from CocoFinder within 48 hours. However, while looking for your record, you may have noticed pop-ups and links to other people search sites like BeenVerified, Spokeo, and PeopleLooker.

Odds are, if CocoFinder has your personal information, there will be dozens of other data brokers that have it too. They constantly collect data from the internet, public records, and other data aggregators and compile detailed personal records.

Strangers having access to the kind of personal information they collect, all in one neat bundle, can expose you to all sorts of negative consequences such as robocalls, scams, identity theft, and even online harassment and stalking.

If you want your information removed from the web, use popular search engines to look up your name to find other people search sites. To find data brokers that don’t deal with individuals but with businesses such as marketing agencies and insurance companies, you’ll have to research which brokers are active in your area.

You can start your manual opt out from these opt out guides:

Once you opt out from all the data brokers you find, though, it doesn’t end there. Personal records have a way of respawning on these sites over time. We recommend you check back at least every few months to keep your data off the market.

You can also avoid the hassle and opt for an automated personal data removal service like Incogni. We send out dozens of opt-out requests at a time and handle every step of the removal process on your behalf.

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