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If you want to remove your personal information from NeighborWho, you’ll have to complete the opt-out process of BeenVerified, an associated people search site. Doing so will remove your data from both websites. 

The data removal process isn’t overly complicated, involving an opt-out request and email verification. Overall, it should take you 10 – 20 minutes to complete. Then both websites will take down your record within 24 – 72 hours. 
As most data brokers share their data, like NeighborWho and BeenVerified do, we recommend you complete an opt-out request for each website that has your personal information.

Opt-out process:  10 – 20 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: September 06, 2022

NeighborWho opt-out video guide

Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

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What is NeighborWho? is a people search site, associated with BeenVerified, that publishes personal information that can be accessed through a subscription. Users can look up individuals by name or address to find detailed background and property information. 

The data available on NeighborWho includes: 

  • Full names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Property valuations
  • Sales history
  • Deed information
  • Asset information
  • Equity records
  • Household residents
  • Permit records

Though people search sites like NeighborWho can be helpful for doing a quick, safety background check on neighbors and new people in your life, they can also be a cause for concern. The level of detail some of these websites provide can be a treasure trove for criminals, whether they be stalkers, identity thieves, or worse. 

While the subscription cost may be a deterrent for some, the website also offers $1 free trials with unlimited access. So anyone can have access to your sensitive information. 

Step-by-step NeighborWho opt-out guide

neighborwho featured image

Step-by-step NeighborWho opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

1) Access the opt-out page on

Opt out of NeighborWho step 1

Go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “do not sell my personal information” under the help section.

2) Start the opt-out process on BeenVerified

Opt out of NeighborWho step 2

The link will take you to BeenVerified. Completing the opt-out process here will remove your personal information from both websites. Click “do not sell my info.” 

3) Search for your listing

Opt out of NeighborWho step 3

Enter your first and last name, select your state from the drop-down menu, and click “search.”

4) Request opt out

Opt out of NeighborWho step 4

Find your listing in the search results and click “proceed to opt out.”

5) Enter your email address for verification

Opt out of NeighborWho step 5

BeenVerified will send you a verification email to complete the data removal process. Enter a valid email address, complete the CAPTCHA challenge, and click “send verification email.”

TIP: Use a masked email address for extra protection. 

6) Confirm the opt-out request via email

Open the verification email you receive from BeenVerified and click “verify opt out.”


  • Email

7) Don’t stop at NeighborWho

Congratulations on removing your data from NeighborWho and BeenVerified! But if data privacy is a concern for you, your work doesn’t end there. 

Getting your personal information off the web can be a bit like putting out a wildfire. Your data spreads quickly between data brokers that sell and trade among each other. NeighborWho is a great example of this. 

There are hundreds more data brokers like NeighborWho and BeenVerified. Most of them share information among themselves, meaning if one of them has it, your data is likely to spread far and wide. This is why we recommend you opt out from all data brokers that have your personal info. 

Research which data brokers have your personal information and complete the opt-out processes for each one. Or, if you don’t have enough time, try Incogni’s fully automated data removal service that handles every step of data removal, from research to disputing rejected claims for you. 

Alternative NeighborWho opt-out method

You can also request data removal via email. As BeenVerified handles all of the opt-out requests for NeighborWho, you’ll have to deal with them directly at [email protected]. In your email, make sure to identify yourself and request that they remove your personal information from NeighborWho, BeenVerified, and any other associated websites.

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How long does it take NeighborWho to process my opt-out request?

BeenVerified handles all opt-out requests for NeighborWho. It will take between 24 and 72 hours for your information to be removed from both sites. We recommend you clear your cache and check back after this time to make sure removal has been successful. If not, contact BeenVerified support.

How long does it take to complete the NeighborWho opt-out process?

The opt-out process, which is handled by BeenVerified, should take you around 10 – 20 minutes.

Where does NeighborWho get its data?

NeighborWho aggregates data from online public records and from other data brokers such as BeenVerified. 

Will my personal information appear on NeighborWho again after I opt out?

It is possible that NeighborWho will add your information to their database again after some time. Depending on how often they refresh their database and whether they use a suppression list. Your information will appear again after data removal on most data broker websites. 

To avoid this problem, we recommend you regularly check the website and complete the data removal process as needed.

You can avoid this hassle with a subscription to Incogni. We conduct regular data sweeps to make sure your data stays off the websites we remove it from. 

Does NeighborWho have the right to use my personal information?

Yes, NeighborWho is a legal website and has the right to collect and sell personal information. It operates within data privacy laws such as the CCPA. Depending on your location, this means that you have the right to make the website delete your data. 

What other data brokers have my personal information?

There are around 4,000 data brokers around the world. Many of them have your data. You can find out which ones by looking up your name on any popular search engine to see what listings come up. Also, look up data brokers that operate in your area to find records that are not indexed. 
Incogni automatically matches your information with records from the biggest data brokers in the industry. It then handles the entire data removal process on your behalf.