Opt Out & Data Removal Guide is a data broker website focused on people search services. A free search on will allow anyone to see your mailing address, the previous occupants of your home, and your neighbors.

NOTE: While reading the guide, bear in mind that Intelius handles opt-out requests for, and PeopleConnect handles the opt-out (or suppression) requests for Intelius. So in this article we are going to send you directly to PeopleConnect “suppression center” to save you time.

Use our step-by-step instructions to make the process quick and easy and don’t forget to check out our other opt-out guides. You can also use our personal information service to opt out of and other people search sites automatically. Data brokers want you to feel helpless and overwhelmed, we’re here to help you put them in their place.

Opt-out process:  5 – 10 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: July 4, 2024

Keep reading for the full opt out procedure with screenshots.

We’ve created around 85 data broker opt-out guides to make manual data removal easy. Click here if you’d like us to automate the process for you.

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  1. Click “Get Started” and Create an account.
  2. Pick your plan: Annual Plan or Monthly Plan*. The monthly cost for the annual subscription is $6.49.
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  4. Provide your personal details: We need this information to locate your profiles on data brokers’ sites.
  5. Sign the authorization form. This will empower us to opt out on your behalf 💪
  6. You’re done!

*Why does Incogni use a subscription model? Data brokers re-scrape and re-add your information after we remove it. The best way to keep your info off their sites is to automate recurring removal requests.

Feature image: Opt Out

Step-by-step opt-out guide

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Navigate to the PeopleConnect “suppression center” at

    Bear with us. Intelius handles opt-out requests for, and PeopleConnect handles the opt-out (or suppression) requests for Intelius. Go directly to the PeopleConnect “suppression center.”

  2. Click on the “verify email” button in the email.

    CAUTION: Providing your email address is associated with certain risks (it’s not clear what PeopleConnect intends to do with your email once you’ve confirmed it). The risk of leaving your personal information up on PeopleConnect and is greater, though. 

  3. Enter your date of birth to find the right record

    step 5 of AnyWho opr out process

    You’ll be redirected back to the PeopleConnect website and prompted to enter your date of birth. Type it in or select it using the calendar, read and check the declaration, and click “continue.”

  4. On the next screen, enter your full name

    step 6 of AnyWho opr out process

    Make sure “this is my legal name” is checked, and click on “continue.”

  5. Select your record by clicking on it and click “continue.”

    step 7 of AnyWho opr out process

    One or more matching records should appear on the following screen. Select your record by clicking on it and click “continue.”

  6. Select a verification method and click on “request verification code.”

    step 8 of AnyWho opr out process

    You can now use the email address you verified in Step 2 to verify your suppression request. It’s difficult to see how this verification helps improve security (you could just as easily have “claimed” somebody else’s profile). It is a convenient way for data brokers to get more personal information, though.

    Select a verification method and click on “request verification code.” Enter the code you received via email or SMS and you’re done.

  7. Enter your email address and request deletion

    Enter your email address again, and click “delete my user data.”

  8. Verify your request

    Opt Out TBE 3

    Check your inbox for another verification email. Follow the link inside to confirm your request and delete your data.

9. Continue your data removal journey

That’s all there is to it. Opting out of PeopleConnect will automatically opt you out of Intelius which will automatically opt you out of Don’t stop here if your online privacy is important to you, though.

You’ve seen how these data broker sites are connected behind the scenes. One company,, here acts like a sales funnel for Intelius and PeopleConnect. Data brokers like these are often connected in a wide variety of ways. There are hundreds of data brokers worldwide, and you’ve never heard of most of them.

See for yourself: type your name, phone number, or address into a search engine. You’ll likely see search results from people search sites filling your screen.

Many data brokers aren’t interested in having your personal information show up in free searches like this, though. Look into data brokers operating in your area to get a sense of what other data broker sites might have your personal info.

Opting out of every data broker that has or might have your personal data is your only road to data privacy.

Follow our other opt-out guides to help you on this journey. Or you can start from these 10 guides:

Our automated data removal service will do a better job opting you out of and other data broker websites than any one person could, and all without you having to lift a finger.

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