Innovis Opt Out & Data Removal Guide

You won’t know whether Innovis has your personal data, but it’s a safe bet that it will on-sell your information if it does. If you’re dealing with a flood of so-called firm offers after having had a credit report pulled, then the chances are that Innovis, or a company like it, is responsible.

We recommend opting out of any and all data brokers that deal in your personal information, but companies like Innovis require more caution than most. The opt-out form asks for your Social Security number, among other things. Luckily, this is not a required field and can and should be skipped.

Check out our free guides for step-by-step instructions on how to opt out of some of the largest data brokers in the industry. Alternatively, subscribe to Incogni to let us handle everything from tracking down data brokers to submitting data removal requests and dealing with any further interactions.

Opt-out process:  15 – 60 minutes

Removal Requirements: Printer, Postage stamps

Updated: September 30, 2022

How to opt out of Innovis and remove your info?

In short:

  1. Begin the opt-out process at
  2. Select “permanent opt-out by mail,” and click on “continue.”
  3. Fill in the online form
  4. Include only the required information
  5. Print out your opt-out form
  6. Sign, date, and post your opt-out form

Keep reading for the full opt out procedure with screenshots.

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Removing your data doesn’t have to be complicated

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Feature image: Innovis Opt Out

Step-by-step Innovis opt-out guide

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Begin the opt-out process at

    Opt out of Innovis step 1

    Navigate to the website, scroll down, and click on “click here to opt-in or opt-out.” Is optoutprescreen a legit site? We answered the question here.

  2. Select “permanent opt-out by mail,” and click on “continue.”

    Opt out of Innovis step 2

    Scroll down, select “permanent opt-out by mail,” and click on “continue.”

  3. Fill in the online form

    Opt out of Innovis step 3

    Enter your first and last name and add your middle initial if you have a very common name. Type in your street address, being sure to include your ZIP code. Complete the security challenge by typing out the characters you see in the image. Click “confirm” to continue.

  4. Include only the required information

    Opt out of Innovis step 4

    TIP: Include only the required information (indicated by an asterisk) to avoid giving this data broker any personal data they don’t already have. We recommend you never give out your Social Security number.

  5. Print out your opt-out form

    Opt out of Innovis step 5

    On the confirmation page, click on “click here” to print out your completed permanent opt-out election form.

    TIP: If you don’t have access to a printer right now, you can select “print to file” as your printer. This will generate a PDF file that you can print later.

  6. Sign, date, and post your opt-out form

    Opt out of Innovis step 6

    Hand-sign and date your opt-out form and mail it to:

    Opt-Out Department
    P.O. Box 530200
    Atlanta, GA 30353

    TIP: Send your form via USPS Registered Mail to prevent Innovis from denying having received your opt-out request.


  • Printer, Postage stamps

6. Continue your data removal journey

Submitting this opt-out request will get credit bureaus and data brokers Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion as well as Innovis to stop sharing your personal information with creditors and insurers.

Do a quick web search for your name and you’ll likely find a ton of people search sites clamoring to share and sell your private data. Then there are those data brokers that prefer to deal in your information behind the scenes—these companies probably won’t show up in your web search.

Follow our other opt-out guides to help you on this journey. Or you can start from these 10 guides:

Removing yourself from the databases of companies like these will reduce your exposure to nuisances like incessant robocalls and email spam. It’ll also help decrease the risk of you falling victim to crimes like fraud, stalking, and identity theft.

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Alternative Innovis opt-out methods

The only way to permanently opt out of Innovis is to mail in a written request in the form of a signed “notice of election” – this is a requirement of the FCRA. You need not use the online form provided by Innovis to generate your notice of election, though.

You can type up your own notice of election by using the wording from the example above. Include at least your first and last name and street address. Mail your notice of election to Innovis at:

Innovis Consumer Assistance
PO Box 530087
Atlanta, GA 30353-0087

You can also opt out for five years by selecting “electronic opt-out for 5 years” in Step 2, above, or calling OptOutPrescreen on 1-888-567-8688.

Innovis opt out video guide


What is Innovis?

Innovis, a subsidiary of CBC Companies Inc., provides identity, credit, and authentication services to companies in the financial sector. It also sells your personal information to lenders and insurers in the form of marketing lists known as “trigger leads.”

It’s not clear what personal data Innovis sells to these companies, but it’s enough for you to be inundated with so-called firm offers of loans, credit cards, and insurance policies.

Will opting out of Innovis affect my credit score?

No, opting out of Innovis will not affect your credit score in any way. The same is true of requesting a free annual credit report on yourself. These actions are not considered hard inquiries on your credit profile.

How long does it take Innovis to process my opt-out request?

Innovis doesn’t commit to a timeline for processing permanent opt-out requests. It will, however, file a five-year opt-out request on your behalf within five business days of when you complete the online portion of the permanent opt-out process.

When Innovis receives your signed Permanent Opt-Out Election form, it will upgrade your five-year exclusion to permanent data removal.

Is it possible to undo a permanent opt-out request once it’s approved?

Yes, you can always opt in to Innovis after opting out. Simply go to, scroll down, and click on “click here to opt-in or opt-out.” Choose the “opt in” option and follow the on-screen instructions from there.

When will I stop receiving unsolicited offers?

You may continue to receive unsolicited offers for several months after opting out of Innovis. Creditors and insurers will still have your contact and other personal information from the last time they updated their databases.

They might also gather information from data brokers and credit bureaus other than Innovis. Use our guides to remove yourself from any other data brokers that you suspect of dealing in your personal data.

How does Innovis get my data?

Innovis gets your data from companies that offer financial products and services like loans, mortgages, credit cards, and insurance policies. Data brokers more generally crawl and scrape public records and share and trade detailed profiles among themselves.

Can Innovis add my information again, even after they approve my opt-out request?

Yes, Innovis may add your information again even after you successfully remove yourself from their prescreen lists. This happens when new, incoming personal data isn’t matched properly to the profile you opted out.

Given the nature of “trigger leads,” this is most likely to happen when your credit report is pulled again after you’ve changed some of your personal details, like your name or address. Repeat the opt-out process if you find yourself receiving unsolicited offers again after a long pause.

Does Innovis have the right to use my data?

Yes, Innovis has the right to collect and sell your data. There are state laws, like California’s CCPA, that put limits on what data can be collected, traded, and published, though. It’s laws like these that force data brokers to remove your personal information when asked.

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