Social Catfish Opt Out & Remove Your Info

Social Catfish is a data broker site that lets its customers search for you by name, email, phone number, username, address, and even image. It crawls and scrapes the internet for public records, compiles them into detailed profiles, and sells access to those profiles to its customers.

Billing itself as an “online investigation site,” this data broker claims to have access to 200 billion records. Anyone who’s willing to pay for a membership can find a wide range of personal information on you without even knowing your name. All it takes is something like a username or even just a picture.

Let that sink in. The tiniest scrap of information and a few dollars is all it takes for people with whom you would never share personal information to be able to scroll through pages of your private data. Social Catfish might be branded as a way to unmask catfish on dating sites, but there’s nothing to stop people from using it for other purposes.

Check out our other guides to get your information off some of the biggest people search sites and data brokers in the industry. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Incogni to opt out from Social Catfish and dozens of other data brokers at a time, automatically.

Opt-out process:  10 – 15 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email

Updated: November 10, 2022

Removing your data from Social Catfish doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s easy for data brokers to get a hold of your most sensitive information. We believe taking your data off the market should be just as easy!

For just $5.79 per month, Incogni automatically sends out dozens to even hundreds of opt-out requests at once.

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Step-by-step Social Catfish opt-out guide

Feature image: Social Catfish Opt Out Guide

Step-by-step Private Eye opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

1) Search for yourself on the Social Catfish website

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 1-1

Navigate to Type your first and last name into the search bar, select your country from the dropdown menu, and click “search.”

2) Choose your state

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 1-2

Choose your state in the popup and click “continue.”

3) Select your city

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 1-3

Select your city in the next popup and once again click “continue.”

4) Select your age range

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 1-4

Finally, click on your age range and then on “continue.” Depending on how many profiles surface your search surfaces, proceed to step 5a or 5b.

5a) Copy the URL of your Social Catfish profile

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 2-1

If the details you provided in the previous step find only one single profile, then you’ll be treated to an extremely long loading screen that ends in a paywall. Right-click on the URL bar and select “copy.”

5b) Find your profile and click on “copy link address.”

If your search terms match more than one listing, you’ll see a list of profiles. Find your profile and right-click on “see complete results,” then click on “copy link address.”

6) Complete the opt-out form

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 3-1

Paste the URL you copied earlier into the first field.

7) Enter your email address into the last field

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 3-2

Enter your email address into the last field.

Fill in the email, phone number, and address fields only if you’re sure Social Catfish already has this information, otherwise you’re just providing them with more of your personal data.

Complete the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA and click on “remove this listing.”

TIP: Use a throwaway email account or masked email address to protect your privacy when dealing with data brokers.

8) Complete the opt-out process on SocialCatfish

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 4-1

Check your inbox for a confirmation email from “SocialCatfish”.

9) Open the email and click on the second link.

Social Catfish Opt Out Guide step 4-2

Open the email and click on the second link.

10) Continue your data removal journey

After all that hoop-jumping, you’re done. The bad news is it will take up to three weeks for Social Catfish to remove your personal data from the site.

Opting out of Social Catfish won’t remove your data from any other data brokers’ clutches, though. There are hundreds of these companies out there, and tracking down those that are profiting from your personal data takes some doing.

Search for your name on any popular search engine and you’ll likely find a number of people search sites with results matching your search terms. Note down these sites. Then do some research into data brokers known to operate in your area. These companies prefer to trade in personal data behind the scenes and have no interest in indexing their records for search engines to find.

Go down both of these lists and, with the help of our opt-out guides, submit data removal requests to each of them. Keep track of when each data broker promises to actually remove your information and check back with them just after that time.

Once you’ve done all this for every company on your lists, go back to the beginning and start re-submitting opt-out requests. This is a good idea because many data brokers will relist your personal details at some point after you’ve opted out. Infuriating? Absolutely.

Check out our other free opt out guides or start from these:

If this sounds like too much work, Incogni can handle all the legwork for you. We send out dozens of opt-out requests at a time and regularly monitor these sites to ensure your data doesn’t respawn over time.

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