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Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to remove your mugshots from As this data is considered part of the public record, you’ll need to meet certain criteria to take it down. 

You qualify for free removal of your mugshot if your case has been expunged, sealed, ordered to be destroyed, if you’re a victim of identity theft, or if the subject of the mugshot has since died. 

You qualify for a free record update (not removal) if you had a favorable disposition, for example, if you received a not guilty verdict, your case was dismissed, or if you’ve been acquitted or exonerated

You can still qualify for a free update in case of non-favorable dispositions as long as you have satisfied all court requirements, paid fines, finished probation, or served your sentence

You can find detailed instructions for each of these cases below.

Opt-out process:  10 – 20 minutes

Removal Requirements: Email, supporting documentation

Updated: November 25, 2022

How to opt out of and remove your info?

In short:

  1. Search for your record at
  2. Find you record and click on your name to open it
  3. Grab your ID displayed next to “”
  4. Gather supporting documentation
  5. Email your request  to Mugshot removals –

Keep reading for the full opt out procedure with screenshots.

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Feature image: Mugshots Opt Out

Step-by-step opt-out guide

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Search for your record at

    Go to, enter your name in the search field, and click “search.” Be careful to avoid the search bars that link to other people search sites. 

  2. Find you record and click on your name to open it

    Mugshots Opt Out Step 2

    Find your record among the search results and click on your name or the mugshot.

  3. Grab your ID displayed next to “”

    Mugshots Opt Out Step 3

    Copy or note down the number displayed next to “” in your record. 

  4. Gather supporting documentation

    In case of death, you’ll need a certified copy of the person’s death certificate, signed by the proper authority. In all other cases, you’ll have to submit court documents, signed by a judge and sealed by the court.

  5. Email your request  to Mugshot removals –

    Once you have gathered all the supporting documents, send an email request to:

    Mugshot removals –
    Mugshot updates –


  • Email, supporting documentation

6. Continue your data removal journey

That’s really all it takes to get your data off They should remove your profile right away, which you can check by going back to view the record (which should now come up with an error message). 

Don’t let your guard down just yet, though. While the site may have taken down your personal profile now, there’s no guarantee that it won’t list your data again. Most data brokers update and replenish their databases regularly. Unfortunately, this means that your personal information might end up on the site again and again

Data privacy requires ongoing effort. We recommend you return to from time to time and restart the opt-out process if your record shows up again. You should also check other sites for your data. The average American has their data exposed on dozens of data broker websites

Check out our other opt-out guides to get you started:

You can also use an automated personal data removal service like Incogni. We handle the entire data removal process from finding the brokers to handling rejected removal requests. 

Watch the video guide

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